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Working over two days with both contemporary and ballet dancers, you will capture dynamic movement and understand the importance of shooting with short duration strobes for freezing motion.

The cost for the two days is $950 and includes the use of the studio, dancers, lighting and camera equipment. This weekend class will be small and intimate, allowing lots of time for shooting. A healthy lunch and snacks will be provided both days.


After David demonstrates his process, workshop participants will have access to tethered shooting with a medium format Hasselblad.

Shooting in a professional studio with a sprung dance floor and high speed strobes at 1/2000sec, you will see your results instantly on a large monitor. Experiment with various lighting set-ups while learning to direct professional dancers and communicate precise instructions to master capturing jumps. Classroom discussion of various inspirational dance photographers to inspire the day.

Bring your own 35mm camera to shoot throughout the day.  

David Cooper Photography Dance Workshop
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